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Coaching & Consulting Services

You need a website, fast and easy. We can make it happen. We'll create a beautiful site on Squarespace for you, most often within a week. You can provide the pictures and the copy, or if you prefer, we can provide stock imagery and write your copy for you.

Our certified, trained coaches work with both individuals and teams to help clarify goals, design strategy, implement operations and action items, and improve productivity. Whether you're looking for DISC training for your management team, are an HR department with staff that needs coaching, or you're an entrepreneur who needs top-notch consulting and coaching services, we can help. 

DISC Consultations & Training

DISC is a powerful employee assessment tool that is often under-utilized and misused. Too often, managers have employees take a DISC assessment, then stick that report in a drawer and forget about it. The real power of DISC is in how it can enhance and streamline communication, and in order for that to happen, everyone on a team needs to understand how to use it. Our fun, entertaining and interactive live training can include personal assessments for each team member, printed materials, and follow-up meetings to insure that what you learned is understood and implemented. 

Project Management & Administrative Support

Maybe you're an technology-challenged entrepreneur who needs a polished website or some Facebook ads created. Perhaps you're a leader in Direct Sales, and you need a newsletter and recognition support for your team. Or you could be a corporate middle-manager with an overworked staff and a project that needs to get done and copy that needs to be written, stat. We're here to help. Our admin staff can jump in when you need us or work on a monthly contract so you always have the high quality support you need, when you need it. 



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